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The Entertainer
The Easy Winners
Lassus Trombone
The Chrysanthemum
The Augustan Club Waltz
The Rose-Bud March
Grace and Beauty

The music we perform is from the Ragtime era featuring composers such as Scott Joplin and his contemporaries. We can play up to 3 set lists of 30 minutes each.


Our repertoire includes:


Maple Leaf Rag*
The Entertainer*
Sunflower Slow Drag*
The Cascades*
The Easy Winners*
The Ragtime Dance*
The Chrysanthemum*
Sensation: a Rag*
Bethena - a concert Waltz
Solace - a Mexican Serenade
Elite Syncopations
Heliotrope Bouquet
Pineapple Rag
Rose leaf Rag
Grace and Beauty*
African Pas*
Ophelia Rag*
Hilarity Rag*
The Minstrel Man*
Frog Legs Rag*

(*From the RED BACK BOOK of 1912)

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